Picasso’s and Earthquakes

Good day! I wanted to share a new restaurant we enjoyed last Thursday night in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City.  Well, new to us.  It is called Picasso’s cafe.  It has been serving Oklahoma City since the 1920’s and specializes and prides themselves on serving local fare.  That is something I am passionate about as well as the whole local food movement we got going here in this great city.  It seemed to be mainly geared towards vegetarians/vegans which I now regret not ordering something in that category while we were there.  They are also known for their brunch which I would like to sample.  They also regularly feature local art and music which we were able to enjoy while there.  The decor included school house pendants which I am particularly fond of.  In sum, I plan on making a return visit.  

My husband joined me after work as this outing served as our Valentine’s dinner since the actual Valentine’s evening is so chaotic and is lurking with rushed and anxious diners wanting their meal out pronto.  On top of that, the meal doesn’t come fast enough because Valentine’s is one of the busiest nights at restaurants.   This causes the waitstaff and crew to feel very under appreciated.  The atmosphere was bustling with a diverse and energizing crowd, what I like to call the artsy entrepreneurs.   I have always been envious of their lifestyle.  Their unadulterated ease of status.  The rad clothing they wear and can pull off looking good in.  

I started off with the Moscow Mule which was very good, although not served in the traditional copper mug.  Nonetheless, tasty.  We then moved to their seasonal cheese platter and onto the evening special which was a pecan crusted tilapia with risotto and grilled vegetables.  My husband had the pan seared airline chicken which he seemed to relish in thoroughly.  We ended the meal with their beignets.  I have only had beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans and of course consider myself a connoisseur.  There were just light enough and had a perfect dusting of powdered sugar.  

All in all, it was a good experience.  I would like to try it again and have said vegetarian dish.  And brunch, which I adore.  I am truly grateful for this delicious dining experience and for the Oklahoma City citizens keeping such restaurants alive. 


The eclectic main dining room.


The bar area where live music is played.


Schoolhouse pendants that are scattered throughout the main dining area.


On a completely different subject, I have been experiencing my first ever round of earthquakes.  Yes, plural.  Oklahoma has lately had its abundant share of these rockin’ plate shifts and they don’t seem to be slowing down!  Some blame it on hydraulic fracturing which is basically a process in the oil field which allows ease of collection of the targeted fluid.  At least that’s my definition.  All other explanations are welcome.  I honestly don’t know much about it which is embarrassing since both of my brothers and father are in the business.  My husband and I felt 3 successive loud booms and shifts.  It worried him enough that he immediately asked my opinion about getting an earthquake rider on our home insurance which seems to be the norm around here now.  One this morning about 5:45 woke up my daughter.  Scary stuff.  Regardless of quakes, I am thankful to live in such a hard working city.  Oklahoma is so rad.

But, I digress.  How was your Valentine’s Day this year?  What were you grateful for?  Even the years I did not have a significant other to share this holiday with, I always tried to look for love in my life on that particular day.  I hope you do too.


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