Night of Elegance

Last night my husband and I experienced the Haifa Symphony Orchestra of Israel perform at the Armstrong Auditorium right here in Edmond, OK.  This was my husband’s first glimpse of the grand building and lush surroundings that I have visited before.  To get started on the details let me tell you about this awe-inspiring work of art that is this edifice.  The Armstrong Auditorium sits just north of Edmond, OK and seems to be out in the sticks.  Once you pull into the parking lot, you feel like you are in New York City attending a hoity toity opera.  It is a part of the Herbert W. Armstrong College which was founded in 2001 by Gerald Flurry.  It was renamed in 2005 from the Imperial College of Edmond to its present name after Mr. Armstrong.  Herbert W. Armstrong pastored the Worldwide Church of God and founded the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation.  The college is mostly a liberal arts entity and its student body includes several international students.  The auditorium is absolutely stunning with its construction, furnishings and decor which has been gathered from around the world.  It boasts three of the largest crystal chandeliers in North America with over 36,000 Swarovski crystals.  Those are probably my favorite objects in the entire hall.  See the website for yourself.

The outside of the stunning Armstrong Auditorium

The outside of the stunning Armstrong Auditorium

On to the performance.  The Haifa Symphony Orchestra is supported by the Haifa Foundation based in Haifa, Israel.  The orchestra hosts many events including children’s concerts and operas.  Last night, the performance was lead by conductor Boguslaw Dawidow.  The orchestra presented Mozart’s Symphony in G Minor, No. 40 and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor.  It was incredible!!  My husband got so excited that after the last movement of each piece he stood up, clapped vigorously and threw his hands in the air like he was at a rock concert!!  It was priceless.  He especially loved the octogenarian violinist that sat in the front row who had more stamina playing a violin than anyone several years younger than him.  Obviously, he highly enjoyed his first visit to the Armstrong Auditorium.

In sum, it was lovely to spend an evening not far from home in a world class auditorium listening to classical music live.  I was reminded how much I enjoy it and was grateful to have the opportunity and means to attend.  What are your thoughts on music appreciation?  Especially classical music?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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