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Good morning friends!

So I write this post from my actual website.  No more blogger/blogspot.  From here on my focus will be a bit different.  More geared towards everyday gratefulness.  Whether it’s a beautiful day reading a good book, an interesting jaunt around Oklahoma, an intensely delicious restaurant.  Whatever.  I will try not to be so random!

Today also marks my first day of “retirement”.  Yep.  Retirement.  Perhaps interim retirement from being a physician’s associate which I have been for 7 years now.  I am actually a bit nervous.  Which my husband says retirement should have the opposite effect.  It will.  Once it sinks in.  This of course is not goodbye to my hard earned career.  Just a sort of sabbatical.  Anyone else out there ever do that?  Suggestions on how to process this is much appreciated.

My daughter keeps me plenty busy and there is so much for me to do.  I hope to enlighten everyone and really take in my environment.

My husband and I are attending a lecture this evening at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit this fine institution, I suggest you do.  We became sustaining members and have quite a few perks including invitations to these great lectures from well know curators from across the country.  The traveling exhibits are always exhilarating.  There are two right now that I have visited several times.  Chuck Close is the artist of one and Lisa Hoke the other.  Very tactile and scientific.  The speaker tonight will be Stuart W. Pyhrr who is a curator at the Met.  Kind of an important guy from what I gather.  It’s really fun these lectures.  I look forward to letting everyone in on the goods once we attend.

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s tomorrow.  Whether it’s spending time with a significant other, your children, family, friends or dog.  Take time to be grateful for that one emotion no one will quite possibly ever truly understand:  LOVE.


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