For the day and a half spent in Portland, the highlight was Washington Park.  A haven for families, it sprawls over 400 acres complete with zoo, museums and a delicious rose garden that rivals Queen Mary’s in London.  We spent the first part of the morning at the zoo and then made our way to the children’s museum.  I am big fan of children’s museums.  Where I grew up in Oklahoma they had a nice sized one with a plethora of activities for littles and an amazing outdoor castle-park.  So I am a little spoiled.  Oregon’s did not disappoint.  It boasts an outdoor park, rotating exhibits and child size adult-esque tasks such as a vet clinic, supermarket and diner.  The featured exhibit was the Wizard of Oz, so basically my head exploded being the Ozzy that I have grown to be.  Scar was really into the theatrical Wizard prop.  You know the one.  Dorothy and friends enter into the inner chamber of the Wizard, frightened because of all the pomp and histrionics that he displays with his wind, voice and color machine.  Yeah.  It was rad.

The day was fading so we made our way to the Rose Garden and I literally felt as if I had stepped into 18th century England.  It was enchanting!  We just took pictures of the multiple varieties of roses and of course smelled every one.  Nothing else to describe.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

We were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast at Mother’s the day of our departure.  I have read about this jewel before and was so pumped to get to actually dine there.  The décor fits the theme of feminine and maternal with gilded mirrors and framed pictures, chandeliers, and mahogany furniture.  It was sublime.  I ordered a personal French press of coffee, the migas and took my mug home.  My husband’s biscuits and gravy surpassed my grandmother’s and Scar was perfectly content with her mounded plate of bacon.  We left full and satisfied.


Portland was quirky, friendly and intriguing.  What are your thoughts of this city?

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