Sunday Sundries

I was a young sailor.

My brain has always been like a game of beginner ping pong. One thought bounces to another then back then to another and so forth. Some of those thoughts are worth holding on to and exploring to see where it leads but the minute another thought enters my head, it may be lost. I started keeping a list of things I read and want to return to in order to entertain myself. And, to be truly honest and self deprecating, a lot of it is nonsense and aimless. Just like my blog.

So, without further ado, I reveal the random shit that I have been watching, reading, loving, hating and so on for the week. Oh and also, that’s a 2 year old me in the picture. Because WHY WOULDN’T I USE FAMILY PHOTOS AS MY FEATURED IMAGE?!?!

  1. I have always been a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and in fact used to work on my audition.  One of the greatest cast members was Eddie Murphy and he rounded out a spectacular season with the final episode of 2019 as a host.  His monologue is nothing short of iconic.
  2. Beautycounter is having a massive sale right now, so it’s a perfect time to stock up on your favorites or try new products! My favorites are these and these.
  3. I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and should be used to our miserable wet winters, but I am a summer girl through and through. I am never prepared for the frigid temps we get come January and February. This article came out in October but I am still trying to apply it’s principles.
  4. Speaking of Oklahoma, I went to The Blue Door last week on NYE with some friends. It’s a quaint honky tonk that we are fortunate to have with several great headliners passing through. Really looking forward to this show.
  5. This doctor is absolutely charming and hilarious to the point of self deprecation. His videos are simple and a bit wry and this segment and this segment are my favorites.
  6. Now that it’s a new year, why don’t we focus on slowing our asses down?! If I can get some science to back up this essentiality (is that a word?), even better.

Ok, that’s enough. I’m sure I’ll find some more random shit next week.

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