Sunday Sundries

Mom looks so happy with my YAGA

This week blew. The weather was weird and we got another “snowpocalypse” warning from the weather gods that, once again, did not transpire. I feel like I had a lot I needed to get done, but, like, didn’t want to do it. Probably because none of it was check-off-able. So, here is what did interest me this week.

  1. I’ve been stocking up on camping supplies over Christmas and want to get some basic camp chairs. Deciding between these and these. Thoughts?
  2. Speaking of camping, my daughter got a tent and sleeping bag this Christmas so we could start our 2020 journey to explore every state park in Oklahoma. Maybe that sounds crazy, stupid or pointless, but for as long as I have lived here I have maybe only seen 15 out of our 33.
  3. This morning I picked up my Oklahoma Today magazine, edited by my talented and handsome friend Nathan, and am excited to see OKC as the feature.
  4. Ok. This got me excited. Welcome back, Ruth. I need more of your backwoods adages.
  5. Dry January hasn’t been going so great. Probably because I felt the need to make this damned drink.
  6. I love a good heist movie and I love this guy!
  7. Because I have sooooooo much time on my hands, I’m going to work on this list. Thank you again, NPR.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE tell me one of you has tried this?! Is there hope for visible vaginas?!
  9. I’m sorry, but I love this guy. He’s British, he’s a red head and obviously self aware. LONG LIVE THE RICKROLL!!!!
  10. And how did I just end up watching this? Do I even remember this being in the news?! Truly freaky!
  11. Ok, one more thing. I just finished Feast Your Eyes and am still thinking about it. More about a mother daughter relationship than I thought it would be and about keeping up your identity as a mother. It’s also a nod to the misogyny of the 1950’s and close mindedness of the conventionalists in regards to modern art. Recommend.

In homage of the book mentioned above I have included a picture of my mother and I circa 1995. I was 14, wearing a YAGA shirt and was just wanting to be different; yet, I very much wanted to be accepted at this vulnerable age by my peers. Of course my mother is completely put together in Harold’s regalia. This was probably a point of contention, my clothing antithetical to hers, yet we stuck it out. Thanks Mom.

OK, enough for now. I gotta go get my girl. Tonight’s feature is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and obviously a 14″ cheese Falcone’s special. See you next week.

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