Sunday Sundries

Finished a new book this week. Set to be an Amy Adams thriller, the Woman in the Window. It was decent except I felt like I knew what was going to happen all along. I think Gone Girl ruined me for life. Nothing was better than Gone Girl. Anyway, pretty uneventful week, except for an impeachment and impending war. Gah I’m so cynical.

  1. How about the 2020 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival line up this year?! Some friends and I are lucky enough to be able to go this year to celebrate my 40th a few months early and I am stoked! (does anyone even say that anymore?)
  2. Speaking of music royalty, how the hell are Dolly, Loretta, Lucinda, and Emmylou not in this organization?! It’s a damned shame.
  3. This legend got me through college during some pretty dark days. His wit, candor and passion was almost more than anyone could handle. His death even more so.
  4. This is an old article but I feel like everywhere I turn I am reading more and more about “nature therapy” or “forest bathing”. Maybe there is an inherent need to be with nature because of this reason.
  5. My favorite band of all time, Pearl Jam, just announced a North America tour and I am on cloud fucking nine. Recently found this article only meant for hard core fans, which I like to think I am a part of. Binaural, Riot Act and No Code didn’t seem to hit shelves with much fanfare, but I have been exploring them much more lately.
  6. If you haven’t looked into this personality inventory it’s time you did. Even with my Christian background I find it non threatening and valid. I’m a 2w3. What are you?
  7. Maybe this is the dating site that I have been looking for?

The above picture is of me and one of my dearest friends from junior high. She is the complete 180 degrees opposite of me in that she is cool. We have been friends for 26 years and even have babies the same age. She had come to my dad’s house with me that weekend and the ecstatic look on my face is earnest. She has guided me through a lot in life and her family is like my own. I found a great picture the other day of her dad and I that I will share soon. Her mother has thrown my wedding and baby showers and I set her up with her husband. Love you, Sarah.

That’s all for now. There was more, but already I have bled in to Monday with this list. Beautiful weekend. Lots of sun and time with my girl. Started two new books. I’ll keep you posted.

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