Sunday Sundries

Have you ever felt like January is always the “fucked up after the holidays” month? Like, I have so much to get done and go through after an intense November and December but I’m so fucked up from it that I just want to wallow around and just be? I kind of think that’s what I have done the past 25 days. Haven’t gotten much done, been quite sad, making lists and goals but not starting them? It’s probably no coincidence that Blue Monday is in January. Do we even believe in that?

  1. I’m still stuck on all this research of “nature immersion” or “nature therapy” and it’s gaining traction. There is recent evidence that 120 minutes a week spent outdoors (in the woods or urban green spaces) is the target for improved mental health and well being. As a health care provider this is huge because it can lead to prescribing the outdoors to patients. Less medication, less insurance hassle and less doctor’s visits. Ecopsychology is the future and I am getting on board. For more information, look here, here and here.
  2. Ok, so what do we think about fasting diets? Whether it’s a liquid diet, 8 hour fast, or no food? I have done juice diets in the past but didn’t notice much. The 8 hour fast is actually doable and probably more scientifically sound. I ran across this company and am intrigued. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. How about this headline? Always thought this guy and his “zoo” seemed shady. Sad he was in our state.
  4. This opinion piece just spoke to me. Not trying to create an argument or bullying. Just makes sense to me.
  5. Starting this week! How easy is 10 minutes a day?
  6. I read this book about 3 years ago when it first came out and am so excited for our state. I am actually embarrassed that we treated Native Americans this way and were never taught this brutal lesson in Oklahoma History as freshmen. How will we ever learn from our mistakes if they’re not brought to light?
  7. I love a good mafia movie, especially one based on a true story. I finally started the Irishman this weekend. I was advised to watch it in segments and not all at once so I’m not quite done. I didn’t really know very much about Jimmy Hoffa so I did some research and kind of went down a rabbit hole.
  8. I will always remember when he was drafted and I will always remember where I was the day he died. Cannot imagine what his family is going through. RIP to an absolute legend.

Selected picture this week is of 2 year old me in Idaho with my dad, Ocie. I was probably excited because I was in Idaho. My aunt and uncle had a home in Ketchum Idaho near Sun Valley and they had friends that lived across a river from Adam West and John Glenn. I remember going there as an 11 year old after my mom told me we were moving to Enid. I think my aunt wanted to shield me from the pain but it really didn’t. That was a tough year going forward but I remember how cold the water was from the tap and that Idaho potatoes weren’t really any different from the potatoes at home. I hope to get back there someday soon.

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