Sunday Sundries

What a glorious sunny, happy week it was.

Let’s categorize this weeks interests.

The Good:

  1. I am doing this! I am not on a diet but anything I can make in a slow cooker that is delicious…well, I’m doing it. I also am doing this!
  2. Admit it. You only watch the super bowl for the commercials. He’s my favorite cowboy for a reason.
  3. He’s weird and odd and silly and funny and maybe controversial, but is he making a comeback???
  4. We’ve all been thinking of Australia. These photos are giving me hope.

The Bad:

  1. We all know something is going to kill us one day, but did you ever think it would be your skin care products? The new documentary Toxic Beauty came out this week and is going to make some people M.A.D.
  2. Ok, who has been following this disturbing story? I don’t understand what the hell is going on????
  3. What do you think of this? The author points out some very searing questions and points to ponder but really offers no solution. Do you have any??
  4. Could we be dealing with a new biological threat?

All the Feels:

  1. This week has been pretty emotional with the anniversary of the Challenger exploding, the Holocaust liberation, and the 19th anniversary of the OSU plane crash. This sweet monologue remembering Kobe made me cry.
  2. A long but intriguing essay about the importance of slowing down and communing with nature. Worth the read.


  1. Awesome nod to my eastern neighbor for their burgeoning music scene that I believe has been underrated for years.
  2. If you visit this great state for anything it should be this Meow-Wolf-esque immersive art gallery. You could stay in here for hours just looking at every tiny detail and wondering how anything was ever thought of. I have some great shots on my instagram page of our first experience there. I’m really excited for what’s next for this quirky little gem.
  3. And speaking of our blossoming art scene, I am happy that Oklahoma City has been recognized as one of Travel and Leisure’s best places to visit in 2020. Keep it up, guys.

The photo I provided this week is of four year old me with Donald Duck at my first Disneyland visit. My mom took me out there to see my aunt and cousins for my birthday one summer and I got that Minnie Mouse dress. I still have it and my daughter had her picture taken in it as well. For some reason we thought it was Donald’s birthday and got him a gift. We all know the park has multiple Donalds and every time I saw one I would run up and hug him and say “Hi again Birthday Buddy! I just saw you over at the tea cups. How did you get over here so soon?” My mom just rolled with it. It was spectacular.

Counting down the days til vacation. The Precious and I are spending some much needed time in the mountains with friends and are itching to be in some snow. More to come.

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