Sunday Sundries

I know I sound like an old person because I am always talking about Oklahoma weather but as we like to say, “If you don’t like the weather wait a couple days.” We had a mid week snowstorm/snowday bookended by 75 degrees of sun. It was glorious.

Everything made me laugh this week. Everything was seen with optimism. I chose to look at life through the lens of altruism and make sure that everyone felt buttressed by my positivity. I enjoyed the outdoors more this week than I have in recent months even with its shifting mercurialness. The weather reminded me that nothing is permanent and circumstances change and that’s ok. Basically, I enjoyed my life more than I have let myself in a while because I needed to. I found happiness in the moment and lived in it.

Thus, my list is short and sweet and makes me laugh.

  1. The most wonderful time of the year. “It’s like Heaven in a pickle, Heaven in a pickle!”
  2. Space needs more women! But I’m glad ours made it home safely.
  3. Of all the ways you can recycle this has to be the most beautiful.
  4. AND cookies are here and I know a cute little girl who would love to sell you some!

A picture of me towards the end of our Sunday hike in the Wichita mountains on Bison trail. It was a perfect day with a breeze and some sun. We had a challenging trek traversing boulders and gaining mild elevation. Some longhorn were out and one decided to block the trail. We ended the day in Meers with a burger and cobbler. Quintessential Oklahoma.

Heading to New Mexico for some skiing this week.

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