Sunday Sundries

I had some great friends in town Friday for their yearly skin exams which we dovetailed into an evening of dinner and cocktails. We always exchange hilarious stories most of which are told by the husband of this couple, Hobie. He is as witty as he is self deprecating and I feel like we always come up with a new nickname for him. They are both tight with our governor and I voiced some of my concerns with the new administration and how it will handle the many messes our state has been in for years. The conversation was enlightening and I actually learned quite a bit. Did you know that we hired a new Director for the Oklahoma department of corrections? Or that Stitt just launched a community initiative to bring together our state’s non-profits and those in need? I can’t help but be hopeful that this is the beginning of a new era in our state of actually linking ideas and duty and transforming it into results. I had to start this with some thing I learned about Oklahoma lately.

  1. I am mesmerized by this woman’s YouTube channel and could watch it day in and day out.
  2. I know we feel blissful about snow days as a kid, but did you ever notice how they make you feel as an adult? I feel privileged to live in an area with four seasons and been able to experience several snow days with The Precious while she has been young and reminiscing of my own.
  3. I love this idea!!
  4. This past weekend we enjoyed a four day weekend in Santa Fe complete with skiing, all the green chiles, and a too short trip to Meow Wolf. TP has always been super into sculpture so here mind was seriously blown. Check out this exhaustive list of other N. American interactive art exhibits.
  5. Started this amazing series and am hooked. Stunning!
  6. I bought my first stand up paddle board last summer. I think I am ready for a foldable kayak for this one.
  7. Obsessed with her. Starting to get my backpack in shape and learning a thing or two about foraging. #girlpower.
  8. We are getting a brand new Girl Scouts camp here in OKC! Taking troop 007 this fall!

Lent starts this Wednesday. Once in college I gave up beer for the holy 40 days and it was tough. This year, I’m giving up Instagram. I have developed too many unhealthy habits with its use and I need a break. I will continue to blog every Sunday but won’t be announcing it through the social media platform that has become a depressive at times. Have a great week.

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