Sunday Sundries

Well, the Wildcats are going to STATE! I love this little group of ladies and their coach just makes them better. Every parent agrees that it makes us so happy to watch them do what they love and work together to win! My best friend came in to town to watch and we made signs and embarrassed everybody with our energy and volume. What a great weekend.

  1. Every year our amazing Museum of Western Heritage (or as I like to refer to it colloquially as the Cowboy Hall of Fame) has its Western Heritage Awards. Oklahoma has been so fortunate to be the epicenter to host this amazing event which honors those who have kept the spirit of the west alive. My parents have gone before but I’m not missing this year because my all time favorite is getting the lifetime achievement award. Robert Duvall stole my heart in Lonesome Dove and The Godfather and I will finally get to MEET him!
  2. Not only is the aforementioned museum steeped in Oklahoma history, it also hosts many incredible rotating exhibits. I am going next for the Warhol and the West.
  3. For those of you, like myself, who love Anthony Bourdain, get excited for his travel guide gracing shelves October 2020. He caught my attention back in 2008 while watching No Reservations with his refined but edgy palate and creative prose describing a hangover. He also was forthcoming about his mental health and brought awareness to functioning depression and suicidality which I loved him for.
  4. Speaking of mental health, check out what this rad dude is doing!
  6. Speaking of mental health, have you ever noticed this while staring at a Van Gogh? Talk about a genius.
  7. I would like to think I can trust the surgeon general.
  8. I love a good celebration. Especially weird ones. There are several to get us through March.

Anyone getting through Lent? I have successfully made it this far without Instagram. I really don’t miss it except Grumpy Barbara and picture of mountain-scapes. But really it’s not so bad.

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