Sunday Sundries

The Coronavirus Edition.

Just kidding. But really. Some things I have read have been helpful.

When the news started coming from China, I wasn’t necessarily worried because, ignorantly, I believed we would be fine We aren’t as populated a country, we smoke less, and have better air quality (I think). Then it started spreading and hit the U.S. I figured, “well, we live in Oklahoma with open plains and are spread out.” Then a case sprung up in Tulsa and my ears perked up. Instead of reading everything on social media I acted like the biologist I have been trained as and did my research. I knew that coronavirus is pretty much a generic term for a family of viruses that most of us have had in our lives. That made me want to know what made this one, as we call it, novel. After listening to actual epidemiologists, molecular biologists, public health officials and physicians, I was able to understand its lethality. I’ve collected a few news stories that I believe give us the most accurate info that has also been removed of too much “medicalese”.

  1. First up is to actually understand visually how the virus invades our cells and creates copies and causes and immune response. This is an excellent graphic with explanation. It also explains why soap and water are the superior sanitizers (most hand sanitizers are antibacterial which doesn’t kill coronavirus).
  2. The CDC has been my go to with actual stats and facts about all the curreninformation. It’s important to trust science and not reporters and/or media. I’m also NOT going to listen to the political bullshit and who is responding appropriately and who is not. Blaming isn’t going to solve anything.
  3. If you’re in to keeping up with deaths, recoveries and spread in real time (I’m not), Johns Hopkins has info.
  4. I do think social distancing is critical. A couple of articles cite true mathematics as to why this is key to reducing spread and therefore hospitalizations. Also my favorite doctor started a podcast Friday detailing evidence to support this. Love this guy.
  5. And just because there has to be something positive in the midst of all this chaos, washing your hands has never been more fun and there are ways to visit crowded, distant museums.

In other news…

  1. What a way to turn lemons into lemonade! Clever.
  2. This makes me miss my grandmother and wish I would have documented all the hilarious shit she did.
  3. I want one!!!!
  4. If you know me if at all, you know I am a sucker for road trips. And Jack Kerouac.
  5. I really wish I would have done this with my mother or my dad. What a precious way to remember goodbyes.

The picture provided is my cat Pearl. Or as my daughter named her Puuuuurrrrrl. She’s a little bitch but she sure looks cute sitting at the bathtub like that.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Cough into your elbow. Don’t go to the doctor for stupid shit.

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