Sunday (Sorta) Sundries

Not that anyone is keeping tabs, but I have just not been in the mood to blog. I feel like anything I read during the week covers COVID-19 to the extent that it makes me feel like we are living a sci-fi novel. I keep trying to explain to my daughter that “normal” is no longer a viable option. “New normal” is. We just don’t really know what IT is. I am not complaining. I am INCREDIBLY fortunate that I can split time with my daughter’s dad for homeschooling, have saved plenty of money for emergencies and can file for unemployment from my severely reduced workload. The longer this goes on, the more I realize all this.

I kind of have survivor’s guilt actually. So many people I know are now literally destitute and crumbling from mental fatigue to try and make ends meet and make a living. I don’t even know what to do. I DO know that I am not going to start judging people for their intense desire and need to try and work again. They know they may be risking their lives but what is their alternative?? When I see others from their mansions who can easily work from home and have no need to go in public to work spewing vitriol to those who are in dire straits for asking the government when they can work, I get pretty incensed. Just support each other. Cheer each other on. ASK IF YOU CAN HELP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! On the other page I champion those who are encouraging us all to practice safe physical distancing and sheltering place unless absolutely necessary to leave home.

This is tough kids. All around. For everyone. I’m not saying it’s easy but let’s be a little more like my man JC. He wrote the book on grace (literally, kinda) and proffered it to everyone including his executioners. I’m not trying to be religious but I don’t know who else to look to to emulate.

Ok. Sorry. Back to my weird little blog project. I give you: corona and random shit.

  1. This man is another one of our national treasures and he proves it by offering us this.
  2. Sorry, but my vote will always go with Blade Runner from this list.
  3. I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt know deep in my bones that I am not the only human who needed to read this and this.
  4. This article was posted a month ago but if we can take any advice from a beloved astronaut, we should.
  5. I have always loved the idea of New Zealand since I met my chemistry 101 professor in college who hails from there. This gives me more desire to go. After coronageddon.
  6. On a lighter note, I am in love with this wine. I haven’t been able to drink wine for about a year because it enrages my migraines but for some magical reason I can drink these!!
  7. And this was so beautiful I can’t not share it.
  8. In my never ending saga of twenty seven self help books I am reading at one time, I added Untamed by Glennon Doyle. My darling girl moms started a corona book club and this is our first pick. Almost done. She writes with her reactions in a way that reminds me of how I felt as a child but was perhaps told that wasn’t the correct way to feel. I have been learning more about self compassion and she really digs into that subject here.

Today’s picture was taken at around twilight Saturday night from Foss Lake State Park. I grew up on this lake. I fished, swam, drank beer, rode jet skis and picnicked at this lake. My grandparents lived down the road. This was Sunset Beach. Scarlett was ecstatic. She is so easy to please. We didn’t need an ocean and white sand for her to be grateful. We needed red dirt, Corps of Engineers reservoir water and each other. It was a lovely pause and welcome reflection.

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